Guidelines for Patients

In order to gain the most benefit from treatment here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol on the day of treatment. Have a light meal at least one hour before your session
  • For the treatment, wear loose clothing, preferably cotton such as a jogging suit. For a shiatsu treatment, you remain full clothed for the treatment.
  • If applicable, have details of current medial diagnosis and any medication you may be taking
  • After a treatment, do not do any strenuous physical exercise e.g. go to the gym, move furniture.
  • Do not take pain medication before the treatment if possible.
  • There may be a temporary healing reaction as bio-chemicals and emotions are releases; these may take the form of a headache, tiredness, aches in joints and muscles or flu like symptoms which can last for 24-48 hrs maximum – and you may wish to contact me for advice.