Andrea, you are healing and beautiful, beyond words.
Thank you for everything. I would not be where I am without your wisdom, awareness and skill.
Thank you.

I have been healed and supported for many years by Andrea’s very responsive and individualised form of treatment. What I receive each time, is drawn from her own deep well of extensive knowledge and professional and personal experience.
I continue to benefit from the extensive national and international work of collegues, associates, and related professionals, which she has at her fingertips.
Her great empathy and compassion have always been clearest in the support I have had in my moments of crisis.
Bless you, Andrea.

Linda-Jane Simpson University Lecturer

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for your support of mum over these past months. You made such a positive difference to her comfort and wellbeing.


Andrea was personally recommended to me 12 years ago. I have continued to consult her for maintenance treatments as well as for acute problems with my back,also entrusting her with the care of my rugby playing sons,of eleven and fifteen on occasions.
Andrea`s extensive training and knowledge, combined with a thoughtful multi-disciplined approach blends to provide the best individual treatment to speed recovery,or to provide a lovely relaxing remedial treatment to support your body.
I would highly recommend Andrea and have done so to other who have gone on to give theirendorsement to others. I mention this as i feel there is no greater testament to her skilful, kind and knowledgeable approach to her physiotherapy.

Jacqui Irvine, February 2008

For years I suffered pain and restricted shoulder movement due to joint hypermobility syndrome. It was quite distressing as a previously very fit person to face a future dependant upon extremely strong pain-killers.Having a background in the martial arts I wondered if shiatsu might help me as I was keen to try to treat the cause of my pain, not only to mask the symptoms using medication.
With Andrea`s shiatsu & acupuncture expertise(as well as her solid background of many years as a physiotherapist) I have been able to decrease my pain, whilst increasing my body`s health and strength.
Andrea has a vast knowledge of how to treat the body; from professional sports injuries to chronic debilitating pain, carried out in an ethical, caring manner. I cannot recommend Andrea`s treatment highly enough, as she has given me the tools to help me control my paín rather than pain controlling my life.

Karen Leslie, February 2008

For ten years, as a colleague and one who has received the benefits of her skills, I have had the privilege of witnessed Andrea at work. She models what it means to be professional in her practice and continually updates her competence and skill. Andrea travels as far as Japan where she first learned how to be a Shiatu therapist to update her skills. In Scotland she has developed her unique practice and is sought after as a first class holistic physiotherapist. I value her gracious manner, her conscientiousness diagnosis of the needs of her clients and her ability to offer a physiotherapy service that attains a deep level of healing.

Catherine Butler-Burns

I was advised by my doctor to consult Andrea Battermann a few years ago. At that time I was suffering from severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and lower back. All of this responded well to the holistic physiotherapy offered by Andrea to the extent that I am now virtually pain free and only require a six monthly treatment to maintain this happy position. I have no doubt that without Andrea’s treatment I would now be on strong painkillers and restricted in what I could do. I recommend her without reservation.

Sheila McCullough
Skills Consultant